About GRA Gemmological Lab

The GRA abbreviation comes from Gem Research of Asian. Located in the Jewellery Trade Center (JTC) in Thailand, the company specializes in the optimization, classification and origin inspection of fine jewels such as natural rubies, sapphires, spinels, emeralds and jade.

GRA Gemmological Lab are required to have a Jewelry Appraisal Certificate from a worldwide authority.

  • GJBD-Gemmological Jewellery Business Diploma is the jewellery test certificate issued by the GIT-Gem institution of Thailand. Thailand has the world's leading- level personnel in the optimization and treatment of the world's top gemstones. Therefore, Thailand's national inspection is world-leading for the detection and identification of optimized treatments. At the same time, Thailand is also a member of the International Jewelry Federation.  Description of its treatment also follows the unified standard of the world to avoid misleading consumers.

  • Abbreviation for FGA-Fellowship of Gemological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain. Fellowship of Gemological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain was established in 1908.In 1931 it became an independent institution and it is the oldest gemstone association in the world.

  • The abbreviation of JJD-Jadeite Jade Diploma is the Advanced Diploma of Jade Course of Ms. Ouyang Qiumei, Jade-lady, Hong Kong Jewelry College. It is a comprehensive jewelry course that is classified by the germplasm standards, color characteristics, cracking rules, authenticity of jade stone and finished products, and the identification and detection of optimized methods, as well as the evaluation of its value.

Position true identity for each piece of testing jewel in accordance with international standards and try best to make contribution to the development of the world jewelry industry.