Gemological Rating Laboratory of America. Inc. is one of the world's premier independent gemological laboratories. We are an independent firm that identifies, appraises and evaluates gemstones and jewelry. We perform these services for the jewelry trade and the public. Following are some of the services we provide:
Pre-purchase evaluation
Appraisal for the purpose of obtaining insurance
Appraisal for the purpose of liquidation
Cutting-edge research
Post-purchase confirmation
Diamond certification
Appraisal for tax purposes

If you are considering purchasing or have already purchased a diamond, gemstone, jewelry item, etc.You should consult with a qualified appraiser. Following are some of the requirements you should look for before using an appraiser:
Graduate Gemologist(GIA)
Professional Gemological Laboratory
Member of an Appraisal Association
Do Not Buy or Sell Jewelry
Do Not Charge a Percentage of Value as a Fee
Knowledge ofThe Various Levels of Value
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